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    The mission of Opionato is to be your trusted companion in guiding you through often confusing, challenging, and difficult fertility path choices and decisions. We aim to give you the support, confidence, and expert knowledge to manage your fertility journey and to create the family you desire and deserve. Opionato has no affiliations and receives no funding or referral fees from fertility clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH

    From Maja's own pain came the idea and inspiration for creating Opionato. During her fertility journey, Maja truly wished to have had a trusted and expedited fertility advice that could have made a difference in her fertility options and ultimately fertility outcome.

    Maja trained as a cancer biologist and translational scientist. She obtained her PhD degree in cancer research from the University of Virginia and her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She was a Cancer Prevention Fellow at the National Institutes of Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

    After her scientific training, Maja became the sole North American Editor of one of the world's oldest and most prestigious evidence-based medical journals-The Lancet. She subsequently was an advisor to leading Silicon Valley based academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and private health entities on issues that relate to access to care, health equity, and evidence-based research.

    Maja currently serves as a reviewer for the prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal Fertility & Sterility of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine that publishes the latest evidence-based advances in the fields of infertility and fertility.

    Maja's passion and commitment is to help women and couples navigate the complex world of fertility options. She truly believes that informed and empowered decision making maximizes the chance of a successful outcome sooner and with less money spent.
    Read Maja's Personal Story here.

  • Theresa Pittman, NP

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Theresa Pittman, NP, MSN

    Theresa is a nurse practitioner with thirty years of medical experience providing state of the art diagnosis and treatment in the field of reproductive medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, and primary health. She has played a leading role in curriculum development and as such has created numerous standards and protocols for nurses in the field of Infertility. She also has extensive experience in education and has frequently served as a guest lecturer at Stanford University and Palo Alto Medical Foundation and as an invited speaker at the annual conferences of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

    Theresa's extensive clinical expertise include transvaginal pelvic ultrasound and diagnostic skills in physical and psychosocial assessment as well as in the management of health and illness in the ambulatory care setting for women.

    As a legal nurse consultant, Theresa also reviewed medical records, prepared deposition questions, and conducted extensive medical-legal research that related to medical causation issues in TORT litigations.

    Theresa has published a variety of peer-review articles and has served as creator, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Reproductive Review journal that published review articles for nurses interested in the field of reproductive endocrinology.


  • Oriane Chausiaux, PhD

    Business Strategist

    Oriane Chausiaux, PhD

    Oriane has 15 years of professional experience in the infertility space. She founded the first digital health company in the fertility arena: DuoFertility in 2007. She also studied the molecular mechanisms involved in male infertility during her PhD program at the University of Cambridge in England.

    Oriane believes strongly in the value to offer unbiased scientific advice to couples during the fertility journey. Although she was told that she would not be able to conceive naturally, she managed to conceive naturally and become a mom to two young girls.

  • Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD

    Product Strategist

    Arna Ionescu Stoll, BSE, MS

    Arna is a design executive with deep expertise developing complex, multi-touchpoint healthcare products that integrate seamlessly into our lives. She served as the Vice President of User Experience & Design at Proteus Digital Health, a start-up creating digital medicines to support adherence and diagnostics, and was the Health Practice Lead at IDEO, a global design and innovation consulting firm.

    Arna holds a MS in Computer Science/Human Computer Interaction from Stanford University and a BSE in Computer Science along a minor in Modern Dance from Princeton University.

    As an older mom and as the grandchild of a women treated with DES, Arna is

    passionate about helping others improve the experience of seeking fertility care.

  • Why You Should Use Opionato?

    Opionato is the first collaborative, multi-clinic, and multi-disciplinary fertility guidance service.

    Unbiased (No Conflict of Interest) Advice

    Opionato offers you unbiased and independent view through initial, ongoing, and/or second opinion advice before, during or after treatment that is only driven by evidence-based data and not by an individual fertility clinics' (often seen) one-size fits all treatment approaches or financial incentives. Opionato additionally does not have any affiliation with nor receive any funding from fertility clinics or pharmaceutical companies. And Opionato also does not receive referral fees from any of our experts or their clinics. Our focus is only on you and your best interests.

    Leading Fertility Experts

    Opionato gives you access to the very top US fertility specialists often unknown to us or unreachable to many due to a geographic barrier or clinic long-waiting times. We believe that everyone should have equal access to advice from the top authoritative voices in the field of fertility care.

    Evidence-Based Advice

    Opionato relies on latest scientific research and existing data-driven clinical research to advice you on the best path moving forward in your fertility journey when considering your condition, need, wishes, and lifestyle.

    Easy Access

    You can reach Opionato anytime from anywhere. And we work around your schedule to connect you with top U.S. fertility experts from the comfort and privacy of your home. We know you are busy and that you prefer privacy and confidentiality.

    No Waiting Time

    Opionato connects you with experts on the same day and provides you the service within 0-3 days. We know that timing is a critical factor for your optimal fertility care and peace of mind.

    Caring and Compasionate Service

    Opionato's team has experienced first-hand the confusion and the lack of clarity, transparency, and trust during our own fertility journeys. We have created Opionato as a service we wished we had for ourselves: respectful, genuine, compassionate, caring, and credible.

    Affordable Service

    Opionato service is affordable and represents a small add-on expense to the overall treatment cost-one that can ultimately save you a lot of stress, time, and money down the line by having you avoid additional, unnecessary, and inefficient fertility treatments. Our goal is to empower you with the right information so you can make wise and informed decisions regarding your fertility options that will optimize your chance of having a baby when and how you prefer.

    One Place Hub for All Your Fertility Needs

    Compared to fertility clinics who often do not have all fertility expertise in-house, Opionato works with a full-stack team of fertility experts that includes reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, reproductive genetic counselors, reproductive emotional counselors, and fertility nurse practitioners. We know well that optimal fertility care requires a multidisciplinary approach spanning medical, genetic, embryology, and emotional components.

    Serving All Fertility Needs

    Opionato helps you have a baby whether you are a heterosexual or LGBT individual or couple struggling to conceive naturally, are facing a recent infertility diagnosis, are undergoing fertility treatment, or perhaps are interested in pursuing egg freezing. We know that each fertility journey is different and requires a personalized, timely, and caring approach.

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