• Basic Fertility Review

    The Proactive/Preparatory Phone Call

    Time is one of your most precious resources. We created this service to help you prepare for the next step. Your fertility journey should run on your schedule - because life isn’t a waiting room.


    Once your payment is received, we will contact you within hours.


    We will match you with your very own Advocate - a Fertility Clinical Nurse Specialist who will remain your point of contact.




    Together you and your Advocate will schedule a time that works best for you.



    Prior to the call, we ask that you submit Opionato’s MHQ (Medical History Questionnaire) so your Advocate can familiarize herself with your specific needs.


    During the one-hour phone call, you and your Advocate will discuss your specific concerns at length based on your unique medical history.


    Within 24 hours after the call, you will receive a written summary that includes personalized, evidence-based next steps.


    If further clarification is needed, you are encouraged to contact your Advocate at any time.

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