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Five Websites To Check When

Undergoing Fertility Treatment

There is a lot of information to grasp when undergoing fertility treatment.

You may benefit from these 5 online resources if you are undergoing fertility treatment.

Experiencing infertility can be lonely and confusing. When you are exploring treatment options or receiving fertility treatment, having access to the best evidence-based knowledge, expertise, and support can make the difference between moving forward with dignity and confidence and suffering paralyzing fear and frustration.

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There are a myriad of websites, social networks, news groups, forums, message boards, blogs, and other internet-based resources that can be used for obtaining information about fertility treatments. While these types of resources can be a source of great comfort and helpful information, they can also be time consuming and lead to misinformation.

There are questions to ask yourself before reading online resources that relate to fertility treatment

  1. Who is the source of information that is providing you the information?
  2. Are they upfront about potential costs associated to you?
  3. Are they transparent about all their team members?
  4. Do they provide references and resources that you can check out?
  5. Do they fully disclose their own sponsorships and/or commercial funding?
  6. Is the information you are accessing dated so you can tell how current it is?
  7. Does the resource present you with various viewpoints on the topic so that you can make the best decision for you and your partner?
  8. Can the information be personalized to your individual situation, wish, and need?
  9. Is the service listed in reputable directories? 

There are 5 websites to consider when undergoing fertility treatment

1.American Society for Reproductive Medicine

It is the leading expert organization in the USA that deals with infertility. The site contains a lot of useful evidence-based research information, facts and figures, useful guidelines, and validates additional fertility and infertility reading resources.

2. Resolve

The site if the main and only non-profit organization devoted to fertility awareness, policy change, and patient education. It contains numerous useful reading and video material devoted to female and male infertility risk factors, tests, conditions, and treatment options.

3. Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

This website allows you to search for fertility clinics in your local area and includes clinics participating in the #IVF4VETS Program. The site provides you as well the total number of other women within your age range that have been treated at that particular clinic near you. Finally, the site also provides you with the fertility treatment success rate information for your age group observed in that particular fertility clinic.

3.IVF Success Calculator

This is a source offered by The University of Aberdeen that calculates your chances of having a baby before your first cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and adjusts thereafter based on what happens after each cycle is completed.


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