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Spotlight: The Role of the Fertility Nurse Specialist

By Amanda Ellis, RN, BSN

Opionato Spotlight: The Role of the Fertility Nurse Specialist

The Fertility Nurse Specialist is a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner who specializes in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology. We come from a variety of training backgrounds but the vast majority have experience in women's health. Fertility Nurse specialists work with a specialized team of healthcare professionals in fertility clinics, obstetrics/gynecology offices, or egg donor centers.


Fertility Nurse Specialists care for heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, as well as single men and women. The majority of individuals that a Fertility Nurse Specialist helps are seeking fertility treatment because they are unable to conceive. However, we also see clients seeking fertility preservation such as egg, sperm, and/or embryo freezing as well as clients who are not trying to get pregnant but struggle with medical conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, painful periods, and irregular menstrual cycles.


The duties of a Fertility Nurse Specialist largely revolve around coordinating the client’s fertility treatment. Almost all aspects of fertility treatment is managed by the Fertility Nurse Specialist so he or she must have a thorough understanding of how fertility is evaluated, reasons for infertility, and options for treatment. Patient care is a priority: as fertility treatment becomes more complex, Fertility Nurse Specialists are able to assist clients in every step of their treatment.


Another key aspects of Fertility Nurse Specialist’s role are patient education and the ability to counsel and provide emotional support through the ups and downs of fertility treatment. Fertility Nurse Specialists are often the ones that provide the key support and encouragement needed to achieve a successful pregnancy.


Many Fertility Nurse Specialists have also experienced infertility and therefore are keenly empathetic to our client’s situation. In all, fertility nursing is an incredibly rewarding career. We feel honored every day knowing that we can help so many achieve the most incredible dream of becoming a parent.


About Opionato:

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