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The Link Between Air Pollution and Fertility

New study finds air pollution is associated with infertility – male infertility.

A study from Taiwan found that higher pollution may decrease the shape and size of sperm. The team of researchers examined the sperm of 6,475 men over the course of 13 years. They discovered that for every 5ug/m3 increase in tiny air particles (PM2.5s), the risk of being in the bottom 10% of normal sperm size and shape was increased by 26%.

Air pollutants are considered a “modern life" factor. Quality of air is typically measured by particulate matter and includes pollutants emitted from cars, fires, power plants, and construction sites. Particulate matter contains toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

In addition to fertility, air pollution has also been associated to be harmful to the health of babies in the womb. Poor air quality can lead to low birth weight and causes millions of premature deaths – particularly in developing countries.

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