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Trying After Miscarrying

There is a period after miscarriage that is safe to start trying again.

According to a new study, you should not wait long to start trying again after miscarrying.

The Right From the Start study implicates that it may not be necessary to delay conception after a miscarriage. In fact, waiting longer between a miscarriage and initial conception (a waiting period called an “interpregancy interval”) may increase the risk of repeat miscarriage.

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The research team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that of its 514 participants, the women who waited less than 3 months had a 7% risk of repeat miscarriage – while those who waited 6-18 months to try again had a 22% risk.

Miscarriage is fairly common – one in five women experiences a pregnancy loss in the first 13 weeks – however, there is no universally agreed upon interpregnancy interval. Doctors and health organizations continue to debate this waiting period. For example, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) does not recommend any wait time whereas the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 6 months.

Nevertheless, as with most aspects of fertility, every woman is different so the answer varies. Furthermore, if you would like to try conceiving again, it is important you feel emotionally and physically prepared to do so.

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