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Why I Joined Opionato

By Shadi Farahi

Did you know that 25 million American women don’t have access to fertility care? That quality of care varies by state due to legislation? Or that the wait time for an initial consultation with a top fertility doctor can take up to 6 weeks?

Opionato is democratizing access to expert fertility advice and I joined as Head of Content because I believe quality fertility care is a right, not a privilege. Opionato has teamed up with the nation’s leading fertility experts to provide clients with personalized, evidence-based next steps via phone and email– all within just 1-3 days (depending on the service).

Aside from the company mission, I joined because of two very special women: my mother and Maja Zecevic, Opionato’s founder & CEO.

Soon after meeting Maja, I watched Friends from College on Netflix, which happened to feature a couple undergoing IVF. One scene in particular made me cry: the wife lifted her shirt and showed the bruises on her stomach caused by hormone injections. In that moment I thought of my mother who went through 10 years of infertility (and 10 IVF cycles). I have always deeply respected my mom for her persistence and emotional fortitude but I never thought of how physically demanding that decade was. I realized anyone who would be willing to go through this painful process is incredibly selfless– and deserves a support system that is as caring and loyal as they are. I signed my contract with Opionato the next day.

Moreover, if I’ve learned one thing from my time in venture capital it is that you bet on people. If there is one person who can fill the gaps of an entire industry it is Maja. As an accomplished cancer scientist and a former patient herself, she is the ideal liaison between doctor and patient. After four failed IVF cycles, most people in her situation wouldn’t even want to hear the word “fertility” again. But Maja is not most people. She wakes up at 6 a.m. every day and gets to work so others have a fair chance at creating their dream family. She is Opionato and Opionato is her: informed, caring, ethical, and fiercely loyal.

My mother and Maja inspire me with their resilience and selflessness. I am grateful to be the daughter of a woman who fought to become a mom. I am also grateful to work across from a CEO who has taught me compassion is a form of leadership. Lastly, I am honored to work for a tech company that is built on female strength and altruism.

To learn more about how Opionato can answer your fertility questions, please email us at [email protected].

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