• Comprehensive Fertility Review

    The Expert Second Opinion

    If you’ve been through multiple treatment cycles, you know infertility treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Oftentimes a change in doctor or clinic can make all the difference. We teamed up with the nation’s leading Reproductive Endocrinologists and Embryologists to give our clients the high-quality, personalized assessments they deserve - all within a three-day turnaround.


    Once your request is received, we will contact you within hours.


    We will match you with your very own Advocate - a Fertility Clinical Nurse Specialist that will remain your point of contact.






       You will be asked to submit your Medical Records and Opionato’s THQ (Treatment History Questionnaire) to your Advocate.


    Upon receiving your documents, your Advocate will write a detailed summary of your medical history and medical records for review by a leading Reproductive Endocrinologist that best matches your situation.


    The Reproductive Endocrinologist will review your case in detail and write a comprehensive report detailing evidence-based next steps – including missing and necessary tests.


    Your Advocate will email you the comprehensive report and schedule a phone call to review the findings together.


    If further clarification is needed, you are encouraged to contact your Advocate at any time.

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