• Opionato Reports

    Immediate, affordable, and accessible at any time from anywhere by anyone.


    Your customized Opionato fertility report enhances your fertility potential and pregnancy chance through customized fertility assessment, evidence-based fertility next-step advice, and informed fertility action taking.


    Opionato gives you the chance for your path to pregnancy to be short, smooth, and cost-effective.

  • Opionato Reports

    Our two types of fertility reports are created for her, him, or both - independent of individual's or couple's fertility stage, age, and/or geographic location.

    Opionato Baseline Report

    Fertility Assessment


    Best suited for those curious to understand their current fertility potential and how to enhance it - whether trying to conceive now or later.


    Our Client's Reasons for Obtaining Assessment:

    • Where I am now reproductively speaking? 
    • What can I do now to enhance my fertility?
    • What are my next steps to take in order to make sure I am able to conceive?
    • And much more...


    Opionato Advanced Report

    Fertility Second Opinion


    Tailored for those who have had fertility treatments or are about to have their first fertility treatment cycle in order to enhance its outcome.


    Our Client's Reasons for Obtaining Second Opinion:

    • Re-assessment and re-adjustment of fertility treatment type and protocol
    • If and when to switch from insemination to a particular in vitro fertilization specific protocol
    • Determination of embryo testing, embryo growth timing, and embryology add-ons to use for upcoming in vitro fertilization cycle
    • And much more.....


    Where I Am Fertility Speaking?


    Taking this quiz will answerwhat is my current fertility potential and areas for improvement".

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