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An Easy Way

To Increase

Men’s Sperm Count

By Celine Chalas, PhD, Reproductive Biologist

An Easy Way To Increase Men’s Sperm Count

A simple and affordable lifestyle modification by men can cause immediate increase in sperm count.

Several factors affect sperm count

Sperm count in men is affected by numerous factors. Examples of such factors include unhealthy diet, smoking, and/or being overweight. While modifications of this factors though lifestyle changes enhance men’s sperm count, the modification process itself is lengthy, not easy, and can be very costly.

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Heat is a known sperm count enemy

An established enemy of testicular function is heat. Some of the activities that affect sperm production due to overheating of the scrotum include:

  • Regular use of hot baths, saunas, and/or jacuzzi.
  • Long-time sitting positions (such as found in truck and taxi drivers)
  • Long-term cooking heat exposures (such as experienced in cooks and bakers).

Use of tight cloth has also been associated with warmer testis and thus lower sperm count.

For immediate sperm count increase, use boxers

A recent study compared sperm count in men according to their underwear use: boxer, jockey, bikini or brief. Men who wore boxers had significantly higher sperm concentrations and total sperm counts when compared with men who did not wear boxers, according to this study led by researchers from the Harvard’s University School of Public Health.

The study findings suggest that certain styles of men’s underwear inhibit sperm production.

Tight-fitting underwear compared to loose underwear causes elevated scrotal temperature that in turn damages testis regular function. Using wrong underwear, in essence, is causing impaired spermatogenesis and lower sperm count.

It takes 3 months for new sperm to be produced

Sperm in men are continuously being produced. The process of sperm production is called spermatogenesis. It takes 3 months for a new cycle of spermatogenesis to complete. Thus, new sperm is therefore produced every 3 months.

Sperm production is very sensitive to temperature. This is the main reason why testes reside outside the abdominal cavity.

This is an easy way to immediately enhance sperm count when trying to conceive

Three months ahead of trying to conceive, men should do the following:

  • Buy boxers
  • Use boxers exclusively as underwear for at least 3 months and beyond 
  • Avoid using sauna and jacuzzi 

In Summary

In about half of the couples, men are the cause of the couple’s fertility challenge. Using boxers while trying to conceive represents a simple, affordable, and effective lifestyle implementation by men that can increase the couple’s chance toward a successful and stress-free conception.

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