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Opionato Offers Fertility Advice:

Immediate and Unbiased

Opionato allows you to obtain immediate, affordable, and unbiased second opinion for your fertility care from leading fertility experts

Opionato offers fertility second opinion that is affordable, immediate, non-commital, and comes from leading fertility experts.

It is often said that fertility treatment is a journey and not a one-time event. It represents a heavy emotional toll on couples. Its financial cost can be overwhelming. And its success rate is suboptimal.

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For all these reasons, it is worth considering obtaining a second opinion related to your fertility treatment. Fertility treatment second opinion can help you maximize your chance of a successful outcome while shortening your overall fertility journey time and also saving you (a lot) of money down the line. Second opinion empowers and informs you on your personalized fertility treatment options available to you among many treatment options and protocols available out there that are not utilized by all fertility clinics. Second opinion also makes you avoid the “one size fits all” treatment scenario that often is applied by fertility clinics and results in no pregnancy and the need for subsequent fertility treatment round(s).

Obtaining a second opinion through Opionato has several advantages

1. Access to the top fertility specialists in the U.S.

Not all fertility clinics have top fertility doctors. Opionato has selected only the best specialists from world-class fertility centers, giving you access to experts that otherwise would not be available to you due to geography and/or long-waiting times.

2. No waiting

Fertility clinics, the ones close to you, are busy and have long (often months) wait-time. Opionato offers actionable feedback within 3 business days. We know time is of the essence for your optimal fertility empowerment and peace of mind.

3. Non-commital approach

With Opionato, you receive a very personalized, unbiased, independent, and non-commital expert second opinion that may provide you with new insights, new treatment approaches, and/or new ways to overcome prior obstacles. Importantly, Opionato has no financial affiliation with any fertility clinic and thus its fertility treatment related second opinion is objective, not linked to any further financial incentive(s), while at the same time involving evidence-based information and data and you and your best outcome in mind.

4. All fertility situations supported

Opionato serves all genders, sexual orientations, relationships, fertility needs, fertility journey stages, and/or fertility procedures. Are you struggling to conceive naturally? Facing a recent infertility diagnosis and about to start treatment? Thinking about freezing your eggs? Wanting a second opinion before going through another fertility treatment round? Opionato knows that each fertility journey is unique and requires a personalized approach.

5. Multidisciplinary approach

We give you access to top fertility physicians—each is an expert for a particular medical condition and/or fertility condition or procedure. We know that optimal fertility empowerment requires a multi-disciplinary approach that includes medical, genetic, and embryology-focused components.

6. Convenience

Opionato offers you convenient online service—accessible to you from anywhere at anytime. We also work around your schedule and allow you to work with us from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

7. Affordability

Opionato services are affordable and represent a very tiny portion of money spent compared to the thousands of dollars of cost often associated with fertility treatment procedures.

8. Privacy is guaranteed

Opionato services are confidential. If wished, your identity can also be kept anonymous to the physician who is providing you with the fertility treatment second opinion. Your trust in us reflects our commitment to guard your privacy and safety as well as to provide you with a optimal service.

Obtaining a trusted, unbiased, personalized and evidence-based fertility treatment second opinion could mean the difference to you between frustration and success.

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About Opionato:

Opionato ( is your trusted go-to fertility expert accessible at anytime from anywhere. We assess your fertility potential and provide next-step fertility advice so your path to pregnancy is short and stress-free.

Opionato started with one woman’s personal fertility experience and the vision to give others what she lacked. Read Maja’s story here: