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Opionato Welcomes Our First Baby

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the first Opionato baby: a beautiful, healthy boy named Evan. Evan is welcomed by his parents Jennifer and David, who were one of Opionato’s first clients.


Over the course of two years, Jennifer underwent multiple procedures and saw numerous doctors; however, as she later discovered, they were not the best matched doctors for her condition. Disappointed but determined, Jennifer and David came to Opionato for a second opinion. We recommended our Comprehensive Fertility Review service, a multi-disciplinary approach that involves assessments by both an expert fertility nurse as well as a reproductive endocrinologist. Equipped with expert advice, Jennifer was able to choose the right doctor based on her specific needs, which ultimately led to a successful pregnancy.


Evan’s arrival is a significant milestone for the Opionato team. It is an important reminder of why we came to exist and the work that lies ahead. Most importantly, Evan symbolizes hope. Hope that with the correct (and timely) fertility advice, individuals and couples can increase their chances of creating the family they desire and deserve.


This is only the beginning for Opionato. Our mission is to democratize fertility care by overcoming many systematic obstacles individuals and couples face today. For Jennifer and David, it was finding the right doctor. For others, it is a matter of cost, time, geographic restrictions, and much more.


If you or your partner have questions about your fertility care options, Opionato is here for you. To start the conversation, please email us at [email protected]

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