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The Fertility Care Report Card:

Where You Live Can Make A Difference

The Fertility Care Report Card: Where you Live Can Make a Difference

The state you live in can determine the quality of your fertility care.

Infertility is a difficult journey given its many treatment obstacles: cost, length of time, physical & emotional drain, and more. In the United States, an additional obstacle may be your state: the state you live in can determine the quality of fertility care you receive and the alternative methods available to you.

RESOLVE recently released it annual “Fertility Scorecard” - a map that grades states based on access to fertility resources. According to the map, the best states for those seeking fertility treatments are: Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. The worst states (those receiving an F grade) are Mississippi, Wyoming, and Alaska.

Each state was evaluated based on the following fertility care related factors:

- Number of fertility specialists (doctors) in the state

- Number of women in the state who have experienced physical difficulty in becoming or remaining pregnant (to live birth)

- Whether or not the state law requires insurance coverage for fertility treatments (insurance mandate)

- Number of peer-led RESOLVE support groups

To learn more about your state and to view RESOLVE’s State Fertility Scorecard please visit:

Opionato is a client-first concierge service designed for the 21st century. We believe that every woman and couple deserves access to evidence-based fertility information, education, and empowerment no matter where they live. We offer a variety of service options - all accessible from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you or your partner has questions about your fertility path or fertility treatment options, please email the Opionato team at [email protected]

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