• About Opionato

    The mission of Opionato is to democratize access to fertility information and fertility care. We aim to be your advocate and give you the confidence and expert knowledge to maximize your chance of having a baby when and how you want. Opionato has no affiliations and receives no funding or referral fees from fertility clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH

    Founder & CEO

    Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH

    Our founder Maja experienced a lengthy and complicated fertility journey. She created Opionato with the aim to help others navigate the world of fertility options.

    Maja trained as a cancer scientist. She obtained her PhD degree from the University of Virginia and her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She was a Cancer Prevention Fellow at the National Institutes of Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

    Maja was sole North American Editor of one of the world's oldest and most prestigious medical journals-The Lancet. She subsequently was an advisor to leading Silicon Valley based academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and private health entities on issues that relate to access to care, health quality, and evidence-based research.

    Maja currently serves as a reviewer for the prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal Fertility & Sterility of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

    Maja truly believes that informed and empowered decision making maximizes the chance of a successful pregnancy sooner and with less money spent.

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  • Theresa Pittman, NP

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Theresa Pittman, NP, MSN

    Theresa is a nurse practitioner with thirty years of medical experience providing state of the art diagnosis and treatment in the field of reproductive medicine, gynecology, and obstetrics.

    She has played a leading role in curriculum development and as such has created numerous standards and protocols for nurses in the field of fertility. She also has extensive experience in education and has frequently served as a guest lecturer at Stanford University and Palo Alto Medical Foundation and as an invited speaker at the annual conferences of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. She also worked as a legal nurse consultant reviewing medical records, preparing deposition questions, and conducting extensive medical-legal research.

    Theresa is an author of a variety of peer-review articles and has served as creator, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Reproductive Review journal that published review articles for nurses interested in the field of reproductive endocrinology.

    Theresa is thrilled to use her experience and expertise in providing advice, guidance, and emotional support to individuals and couples trying to conceive.

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  • Shadi Farahi

    Head Of Content

    Shadi Ariella Farahi

    Shadi is a content creator and marketing specialist. She holds a BA from Vanderbilt University.

    Shadi discovered her passion for quality healthcare and socially-conscious technology as a volunteer emergency medical technician for Magen David Adom in Jerusalem and as an analyst at Tel Aviv Capital.

    Shadi's mother struggled with infertility for 10 years (and 10 IVF cycles). She admires her mother for her resilience and wants to help empower women experiencing fertility challenges.

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  • Oriane Chausiaux, PhD

    Business Strategist

    Oriane Chausiaux, PhD

    Oriane has 15 years of professional experience in the infertility space. She founded the first digital health company in the fertility arena: DuoFertility in 2007. She also studied the molecular mechanisms involved in male infertility during her PhD program at the University of Cambridge in England.

    Oriane believes strongly in the value to offer unbiased evidence-based advice to couples during the fertility journey. Although she was told that she would not be able to conceive naturally, she managed to conceive naturally and become a mom to two young girls.

  • Arna Ionescu Stoll

    Product Strategist

    Arna Ionescu Stoll, BSE, MS

    Arna is a design executive with deep expertise developing complex, multi-touchpoint healthcare products that integrate seamlessly into our lives. She served as the Vice President of User Experience & Design at Proteus Digital Health, a start-up creating digital medicines and was the Health Practice Lead at IDEO, a global design and innovation consulting firm.

    Arna holds a MS in Computer Science/Human Computer Interaction from Stanford University and a BSE in Computer Science along a minor in Modern Dance from Princeton University.

    As an older mom and as the grandchild of a women treated with DES, Arna is passionate about helping others improve the experience of seeking fertility advice.

  • David Bill

    Technology Strategist

    David Bill

    David is a serial entrepreneur. He has more than 25 years of technology leadership experience across a diverse range of startups and technology companies. Some of the companies he has been involved with include Spinner.com ($320M million AOL acquisition), ExactTarget (IPO, $2.5B Salesforce acquisition), and most recently Virta Health ($37M raised, reversing diabetes).

    David enjoys machine learning, scaling, and being part of socially impactful endeavors.


  • The Value Add Of Opionato

    Non-biased (No Conflict of Interest) Advice

    Opionato offers you non-biased advice independent of treatment-based financial incentives. Our focus is only on you and your best interests.

    Immediate Advice

    Opionato connects you with experts on the same day and provides you the service within 0-3 days. We know that timing is a critical factor for your optimal fertility care and peace of mind.

    Leading Fertility Expert Advice

    Opionato gives you access to the very top US fertility specialists often unreachable due to geographic barrier or clinic long-waiting times. We believe that everyone should have equal access to fertility advice.

    Evidence-Based Advice

    Opionato relies on latest scientific research to advice you on the best path moving forward in your fertility journey.

    Affordable Service

    Opionato service represents a small add-on expense that can ultimately save you a lot of money by having you avoid additional, unnecessary, and inefficient fertility treatments.

    Easy Accessible Service

    You can reach Opionato anytime from anywhere. And we work around your schedule to connect you with top U.S. fertility experts from the comfort and privacy of your home.

    Caring Service

    Opionato's team has experienced infertility first-hand. We have created Opionato as a service we wished we had for ourselves.

    All Fertility Issues Service

    Opionato works with a full-stack team of fertility experts. We know well that optimal fertility care requires a multidisciplinary approach spanning medical, genetic, embryology, and emotional components.

    All Fertility Needs Service

    Opionato helps you whether you are a heterosexual or LGBT individual struggling to conceive naturally or through a fertility treatment or is perhaps interested in pursuing egg freezing.

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