• Opionato Mission

    Democratize fertility information and empower women, men, and couples everywhere to understand and act upon their fertility in order to have a child when it's desired and deserved.


    Our aim is to eliminate infertility and the need for expensive and invasive fertility medical interventions.


    We believe that knowledge is power. Understanding your fertility as early on as possible - by obtaining the right information and the right advice at the right time - allows you to act early on. This not only enhances your pregnancy chance now and later but also makes your path to pregnancy smoother, shorter, and less expensive.

  • Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH is the founder and CEO of Opionato.

    Founder & CEO

    Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH

    Maja created Opionato with herself in mind: that someone she wished she had during her own pursuit of motherhood.

    Read Maja's Fertility Journey here.

    Maja worked for more than a decade as a cancer scientist. She obtained her PhD degree in molecular cancer biology from the University of Virginia and her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She then was a Cancer Prevention Fellow at the National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC and at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

    Maja subsequently moved to New York City to become the sole North American Editor for eight years for one of the world's most prestigious evidence-based medical journals-The Lancet. She then moved to San Francisco where she became a health advisor to leading Silicon Valley based academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and private health entities.

    Maja currently serves as a reviewer for the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Fertility & Sterility published by The American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

    Maja truly believes that informed and empowered decision making maximizes the chance of a successful pregnancy when and how is desired.

    Oriane Chausiaux, PhD is Opionato's digital health expert.

    Digital Health

    Oriane Chausiaux, PhD

    Oriane has 15 years of experience in the fertility space. She obtained her PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in England where she studied the molecular mechanisms involved in male infertility. Subsequently, Oriane founded the first digital health company in the fertility field: DuoFertility.

    Although Oriane was told that she would not be able to conceive naturally, she managed to conceive naturally and become a mom to two young girls. She believes strongly in the value of offering unbiased, evidence-based advice to individuals and couples as early as possible.


    Sara Anderson is Opionato's marketing expert.


    Sara Anderson

    Sara is a data-driven marketing leader with 15 years of diverse experience and a track record of growing and optimizing the marketing funnel.

    Sara's approach to marketing has always been 60% technical and 40% creative with a great understanding of using technology to develop strong, meaningful engagement with customers.

    Outside of the office, Sara enjoys backpacking and visiting our national parks.





    Sony Atmadjaja is Opionato's design expert.


    Sony Atmadjaja

    Sony is a digital designer & art director with a deep love of the outdoors. She has been creating & designing interactive experiences for brands for more than 10 years.

    She spent designing, building and leading design at Doximity and Postmates. She also was a consultant at Pivotal Labs.

    Sony's design expertise include: iOS & Android Design, UI/UX, Product, Visual, Marketing, Branding & Logo, Marketing Strategy, and Social Engagement.

    Alongside design, she likes to spend time taking photos, rock climbing, traveling, and hosting exceptional dinner parties.



    David Bill is Opionato's technology expert.


    David Bill

    David is a Silicon Valley based serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of technology leadership experience across a diverse range of startups and technology companies.

    He has been involved with Spinner.com ($320M million AOL acquisition), ExactTarget (IPO, $2.5B Salesforce acquisition), and Virta Health ($37M raised, reversing diabetes).

    David enjoys machine learning, scaling, and being part of socially impactful endeavors. He believes fertility outcome can be improved with the help from technology aiding the right fertility information no matter the geographical location.



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