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  • Your Fertility With Opionato

    Opionato provides direct access to the world's leading fertility experts helping you understand your fertility potential, fertility options, and guiding you through informed decision making and action taking. By doing so, Opionato saves you time and makes your path to pregnancy smooth and stress-free.

    Today's fertility path  is confusing and time-consuming  guesswork.

    Without Opionato:

    Confusing and time-consuming

    fertility guesswork.

    With Opionato, you get instant fertility empowerment that enhances your fertility and pregnancy chance.

    With Opionato:

    Instant fertility assessment, fertility understanding and clarity, and fertility informed decision-making and action taking.

  • How Opionato Works

    Take the guesswork out of your fertility. Enhance your fertility potential and pregnancy chance through personalized expert and evidence-based fertility decision making and action taking.




    You will provide information about your overall health, family medical history, and current lifestyle through a questionnaire.




    Information is analyzed by our proprietary algorithm and by participating fertility experts affiliated with leading reproductive medical centers.




    You will receive personalized fertility advice directly from your very own fertility expert who will remain with you throughout your journey.

  • Opionato Fertility Expertise: The World's Best

    Opionato's fertility power comes from the world's leading team of participating fertility experts affiliated with the very best reproductive centers across the globe.

    Rear more about our experts

    Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD is participating Opionato fertility expert.

    Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

    University of California,

    San Francisco

    Antonio Pellicer, MD, PhD is participating Opionato fertility expert.

    Antonio Pellicer, MD, PhD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist


    Michael Eisenberg, MD is participating Opionato fertility expert.

    Michael Eisenberg, MD

    Reproductive Urologist

    Stanford University, CA

    Rebecca Holmes, PhD, HCLD  is participating Opionato fertility expert.

    Rebecca Holmes, PhD, HCLD​




  • Our Clients Love Opionato

    Opionato clients are currently trying to conceive or are planning in the near future to become pregnant.

    Evan is Opionato's first baby.


    Evan's mother

    "Opionato is the only place that addresses all of your fertility needs – and does it so quickly. It’s rare to find someone that actually cares and takes the time to really analyze your personal information and provide insights with your best outcome in mind.” 

    Read here about Opionato's first baby.

    Sarah is Opionato client.


    Second-time mother

    “Friends and family kept saying give it time, but that was not enough of a plan for me. I needed more guidance and hands-on assistance. With Opionato, I felt like a priority not just another number. You normally don’t get that much one-on-one time with experts.”

    Andrej is Opionato client.


    Father to be

    “Before Opionato, it was like getting a PhD in female reproduction from Google University. We just wanted to understand what all of our options were - and in what order – to be presented to us in an unbiased way. Opionato’s independence and range of experts ensured this".

    Diana is Opionato client.


    First-time mother

    “Conception involves a lot of guesswork so access to the leading fertility expertise was very important to me. Opionato advised us on the course of action that was best for us.”

    Brigitte is Opionato client


    First-time mother

    “The whole fertility process isn’t just one conversation and you’re done. It was very refreshing to have straightforward ongoing advice from Opionato without feeling pressured time and money-wise.”

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  • Maja Zecevic, Phd, MPH is the founder of Opionato.

    Meet Maja

    Opionato started with one woman’s personal fertility journey and the vision to provide others what she lacked.

    Read here about Maja's fertility journey.

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    Take this fertility test. It will give you valuable information about yourself, your current fertility potential, and areas for improvement.

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