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    Instant. Personalized. Evidence-based.

    For you. Anytime. From Anywhere.


    Understanding, enhancing, and maintaining your fertility and conception potential through personalized fertility assessment and customized fertility expert advice.


    Making your path to pregnancy short, stress-free, and cost-effective.

  • Our Offerings

    For her, for him, for both - involving no office visit and no fertility testing.

  • Why Opionato

    The first service offering anytime from anywhere expert fertility guidance that increases fertility potential and conception chance so your path to pregnancy is short and stress-free.

    Unlimited Anytime Access To Leading Fertility Expertise

    We make the top fertility experts affiliated with the world's leading fertility institutions accessible anytime to you from the comfort and privacy of your home.


    We provide care-free and conflict-free fertility expert advice. We have no financial incentive to offer or recommend fertility tests, treatments, or interventions.


    You don't have to wait to obtain an expert fertility advice. Our preconception advice is available to you anytime, anywhere.

    Evidence-based and Personalized

    Our conception advice is evidence-based and personalized to your situation, condition, need, and wishes.


    Opionato helps you understand your conception potential and fertility options and guides you through informed decision making and action taking.

    Caring and Compassionate

    We created Opionato with the intention to be your customized conception guide that is respectful, genuine, compassionate, caring, and credible.





    Know your fertility.

    Understand your options.

    Take informed next steps.