• Knowledge is Power

    Discover your current state of fertility with a customized fertility assessment.


  • How It Works

    Your Fertility Profile is a Personalized Assessment of Your Current Fertility Potential

    Opionato Fertility Assessment

    Fertility Intake

    Complete our short questionnaire regarding your reproductive health.

    Opionato Fertility Assessment

    Fertility Analysis

    Your confidential information will be analyzed by our proprietary algorithm.

    Opionato Fertility Assessment

    Fertility Profile

    Your customized fertility assessment will be sent right to your inbox within minutes.

  • Why It Matters

    We strongly believe that everyone deserves to understand their current state of fertility and unfortunately the current health system is not designed for the modern couple.


    The journey between “don’t get pregnant” and “can’t get pregnant” isn’t easy and is often up to the couple to navigate for 6-12 months before a healthcare professional will intervene. The current system doesn’t offer personalization nor does it reward couples who want to be proactive.


    We’re here to change that. Because in a world where everything is on-demand, shouldn’t fertility answers be too?


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    In minutes you’ll have a customized fertility profile, broken down into multiple factors associated with fertility, including age, lifestyle, family and medical history.

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