• How It Works

    Your Fertility Profile is a Personalized Snapshot of Your Current Fertility Health.

    Opionato Fertility Assessment



    Complete our short questionnaire regarding your reproductive health and enter payment details.

    Opionato Fertility Assessment



    Your confidential information will be analyzed by our proprietary algorithm.

    Opionato Fertility Assessment



    Your customized fertility assessment will be sent right to your inbox within minutes.

  • Why It Matters


    We strongly believe that knowledge is power. With the right fertility information at the right time the right fertility decision making and the right fertility action taking can happen - making the path to pregnancy smooth, short, and stress-free.


    The current health ecosystem is not designed for the modern couple. The transition from “trying not to get pregnant” to “taking a while to become pregnant” is challenging and often not as envisioned. Couples are left to navigate their path to pregnancy alone loosing precious time by not having a convenient way to obtain the deserved, desired, and trusted fertility information at the right time.


    We’re here to change that. Because in a world where everything is on-demand and accessibility is a commodity, shouldn’t fertility knowledge, understanding, and advice be too?

  • Where Am I Fertility-Wise Speaking

    In minutes you’ll have a customized fertility profile, broken down into multiple factors

    that will answer "what is my current fertility potential and areas for improvement".

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