• Fertility Planning

    Made Simple

    Understand your fertility and become engaged in your own decision-making.

    Fertility Planning

    Made Simple

    A personalized and proactive approach to your fertility.

    Fertility Planning

    Made Simple

    Your fertility, your terms...finally.

  • Your Fertility



    No More:

    Time-consuming and

    confusing guesswork.


    With Opionato:

    Instant access to

    personalized and proactive

    fertility assessment and expert advice.

  • Fertility Planning With Opionato

    Obtaining at the right time the right information from the right expert.

    Fertility Profile


    Take a short quiz to create your own Fertility Profile - a personalized assessment that answers "where am I at".



    A plan that best suits your fertility need will be recommended for you based on your Fertility Profile.



    You will be matched with a top fertility expert to start receiving immediate and ongoing advice to optimize your fertility and

    pregnancy potential.

  • Plans That Meet You Where You Are


    Opionato offers personalized fertility advice starting at $49.















  • Testimonials


    Pregnant with her second child

    “Friends and family kept saying give it time, but that was not enough of a plan for me. I needed more guidance and hands-on assistance. With Opionato, I felt like a priority not just another number. You normally don’t get that much one-on-one time with experts.”


    Expecting her first child

    “The whole fertility process isn’t just one conversation and you’re done. The biggest challenge is finding the right information that is right for you at the right time. Opionato is the only place that addresses all of your fertility needs – and does so quickly. It was refreshing to have straightforward advice without feeling pressured money-wise.”


    First-time mom

    “Fertility involves a lot of guesswork so access to the leading fertility experts around the country was very important to me. Opionato helped us choose the course of action that was best for us.”


    Current Opionato client

    “Before Opionato, it was like getting a PhD in female reproduction from Google University. We just wanted to understand what all of our options were - and in what order – to be presented in an unbiased way. Opionato’s independence and range of experts ensures this".


    Evan's mom

    “Before we committed to spending all of that money, I wanted the right information. It’s rare to find someone that actually cares and takes the time to really analyze your personal information and provide insights with your best outcome in mind.”

    Read more about Opionato's first baby.

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  • Meet Maja

    Our founder and CEO is a former cancer scientist and fertility care patient. She created Opionato to provide timely, expert fertility advice to anyone based anywhere.

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