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  • How Opionato Works

    Opionato is your fertility companion accessible from anywhere providing you immediate, authoritative, and affordable fertility next-step medical advice. Your situation, condition, and medical history are initially evaluated and then the appropriate next steps is delivered to you.

    Free fertility consultation

    Initial Contact

    You have the option to reach Opionato confidentially from anywhere at anytime by phone or email. With your help, we will determine which service type best matches your current need.

    Book a fertility consultation

    Service Booking

    Opionato offers two service types: general fertility phone consultation ($75) or fertility comprehensive (medical record) review ($350). You can book one of those services directly online.

    Fertility expert review

    Expert Review

    After the service is booked, Opionato will match you with the most appropriate leading US fertility expert who will provide you the chosen service the same day or within 3 days.

    fertility consultations followup


    Following service completion, you are very much encouraged to contact Opionato anytime thereafter. We will gladly help you with any further clarification, suggestion, and/or advice.



  • Opionato Helps At Any Stage


    Trying to conceive naturally

    Fertility Treatment

    Undergoing fertility treatment

    Egg Freezing

    Wanting to preserve your fertility

  • Testimonials


    "Opionato gave me the information and confidence I needed. I felt fully aware of exactly what I should be concerned about, personalized to my body and my situation. It was worth every penny."​


    "Opionato has been that ray of light validating all of our questions and concerns. The road feels more open and the decisions feel like ours again. Thank you for the guidance and for the kindness.”


    "Opionato really understood where I am coming from and where I am looking to go. The conversations not only offered me actual tools and resources, but also gave me

    a feeling of support."


    We had a question that our doctors could not easily answer. Opionato was very resourceful in filling in the gap in our knowledge and incredibly helpful as we navigated a challenging health topic.


    "Opionato connected us with specialists who offered thoughtful and thorough review. It provided a foundation for continuing an informed conversation with our fertility specialist about how to proceed."

  • How Opionato Was Born

    Our founder Maja encountered numerous obstacles and confusions during her own fertility journey. She created Opionato with the aim to help others navigate the complex world of fertility options through trusted knowledge and personalized information.

    Read Maja's Personal Story here.

    Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH
  • Opionato Has Been Featured In

    Beat Fertility
    Y Combinator
    American Fertility Expo
  • How Can Opionato Help You

    Opionato is here for you at anytime no matter where you are in your fertility journey. Be assured that your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

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